Face 2 Face & Online Meetings

Face 2 Face Meetings

• Thursday DE 6pm “The German speaking Meeting in Vienna” DE (closed meeting held in German Language) Face to Face Das deutschsprachige Meeting in Wien (DE) Meeting Info

• Sunday DE EN 7pm New Freedom (open meeting held in English and German Languages) Sunday New Freedom Sunday (DE/EN) Meeting Info

Online Meetings:

• Daily EN 10am Just for Today – Mornings with Friends of Bill W (open meeting via online.aavienna.com)
Password: please use the contact form to request the password on https://www.aavienna.com/online-meeting-schedule/

• Daily 12PM Skype Wien جلسه فارسی Farsi
• Daily 9PM Skype Wien جلسه فارسی

*Open meetings: open for anyone to join regardless if one has a problem with drugs
*Closed meetings: open ONLY for those people who may have a problem with drugs

Thank you to all the service members who chair the meetings, and maintain the Zoom platform!

Notice: Please contact the webmaster for any updates or suggestions for this information!
Thank you for letting me be of service!